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Price (1 year): $68.63/mo ($823.6)

Renewal: $103.99/mo

Type: VPS Hosting

Location: Asia or EU or USA

Features: cPanel, HTTP/2, Managed, Memcached, OPcache, SSD Storage, SSL Certificate, Website Migration



Storage: 150 GB

Bandwidth: 4 TB

Optional Extras: Domain Whois Privacy, LiteSpeed Web Server, Priority Support, Railgun.

Payment: Credit Card, PayPal, Skrill, Wire

Guarantees: 30 Day Money Back

Initial discount

The A2 Hosting host has lots of different VPS plans available, including Linux, Windows, managed and unmanaged options. Currently, though, I will only add the managed Linux hosting to this website as that is by far the most popular option and makes it all easier to compare. If you go with an A2 Hosting managed VPS you can benefit from the huge coupon code discount on your initial period. The coupon codes are currently easily available on the VPS page on the A2 Hosting website. They should even apply automatically, but I found that it sometimes would need to be added manually when going back and forth a lot between the order pages.

Web server features

Managed A2 Hosting VPS plans comes with HTTP/2.

Data center locations

Choose between 2 data centers in the USA and 1 in EU and 1 in Asia. The prices stays the same no matter which location you want for your server.

24/7 live support

The A2 Hosting support team is based in the USA but with some agents around the globe, all hired by the US organization which should ensure high quality of their support. They offer 24/7 live chat support which is great. You can even add priority support if you have really important websites.

Visit A2 Hosting

Price (monthly): $69.00/mo

Type: WordPress Hosting

Location: USA

Features: 24/7 Live Tech Support, Daily Backups, Expert WooCommerce Support, Expert WP Support, Git, Image Optimization Plugin, iThemes Sync, Nginx Web Server, Plugin Updates, SSD Storage, SSH, SSL Certificate, Staging Site, Unlimited Traffic, USA Based Support, Varnish Cache, WP-CLI

OS: Linux

Management: Managed

Storage: 40 GB

Bandwidth: 5 TB

Max Websites: 4

Payment: Credit Card, PayPal

Included features

This comes with free automatic SSL for your sites. The daily backups are kept for 30 days. The staging site feature lets you try out plugins and other modifications to your sites before putting them live onto your production site. There are no limits on how many monthly users you can have, as long as your server can handle it!

Fast loading websites

The server uses the efficient Nginx web server, PHP 7 and Varnish caching for super-fast website loading speed.

You’ll also get an image compression plugin. Which is almost a must-have! I don’t know if it is any better than the semi-free one from TinyPNG though.


You do get SSH access, WP-CLI, and Git with this plan. This is one of the few adult web hosting solutions for WordPress specific web hosting. You can of course also host non-adult websites with Liquid Web, I just wanted to share that fact.

White glove website migrations

Liquid Web writes that they will take of the migration to their managed WordPress servers without you having to worry about downtime, and without lifting a finger.

Web hosting control panel

You won’t get access to a web panel like cPanel, Plesk or InterWorx with the WordPress web hosting plans by Liquid Web. Instead, you’ll get access to their custom one which has some limitations.

You can very well host WordPress on another type of plan which has one of these web hosting control panels instead if you prefer.

Data center locations

Choose between Michigan in the USA or Amsterdam in Europe. Both options are priced the same.

24/7 Fast USA based support

Liquid Web has trademarked “The most helpful humans in hosting”. Their high-quality support might be the number one reason to go with this web host. If you have mission-critical sites such as an important eCommerce store or a popular blog that you need to keep online all the time then this host very well might be your best choice.

They offer 24/7 live chat tech support, phone support, and ticket support. They guarantee to give a support response by chat or phone in just 59 seconds. All of their support persons are based in the USA providing the highest quality of English speaking support!

Expert WordPress support

The support team is also knowledgeable when it comes to WordPress and should be able to help you out with most issues that might arise.

They are experts when it comes to the popular eCommerce system built on top of WordPress, WooCommerce as well.

Visit Liquid Web

Price (1 year): $79.15/mo ($949.8)

Renewal: $145.29/mo

Type: VPS Hosting

Location: USA

Features: 1 Gbps, cPanel, Dedicated IP, Managed, SSD Storage, USA Based Support

CPU: 6 Cores

RAM: 16 GB

Storage: 300 GB

Bandwidth: 5 TB

Visit Hostwinds More info

Optional Extras: Basic Server Monitoring, C-class IP addresses, cPanel, Daily Backups, DDOS protected IP addresses, IP addresses, Softaculous, SSD Storage, Windshield, WindSpeed.

Payment: Bitcoin, Credit Card, Cryptocurrency, PayPal, Skrill

Guarantees: 60 Day Money Back, 99.999% Uptime

Same price whether you pay monthly or yearly. Price is currently on sale by 25% - 33% off which means you get a decent discount for your first order. You can lock in a long billing cycle for maximum discount. Note that the longer you lock in the cheaper your renewal prices will be as well. I believe these web hosting plans will renew for the same period length as your initial order, but without the discount.

All Hostwinds plans with cPanel have auto SSL which give all your websites https for free and automatically. The cost of upgrading to SSD drives depends on which VPS plan you choose. SSD is optional, but we included the cost for that feature in our price. cPanel VPS license costs $13/mo, and that is also included in our listed price to make it easier to compare with the other plans. cPanel is an optional extra. Softaculous is another $2/mo. $2/mo per extra standard IP address. Hostwinds also offer DDoS protected IP addresses, as well as C-Class IP addresses. Basic server monitoring is another $5/mo. Cloud backups make sure your data is safe and accessible and costs only $1/mo and is performed daily. WindSpeed is a one time service offered by Hostwinds which claims to be able to provide information which can be used to significantly speed up a website. Windshield is a security extra which adds a shield to your site.

Data center location

Choose between Seattle and Dallas in the USA to be your server's location.

24/7 USA based support team

I have mostly had great interactions with the Hostwinds technical support team. For technical support requests, you need to submit a ticket. They have been amazing to me and always helped out fixing anything I've asked them. Sometimes though they can be pretty slow with their responses and fixing server issues. This is why I would think twice about using this web host for very important websites. If you are not that reliant on fast support, then you could save a bit by hosting with this host. They do have 24/7 live chat sales support on their website (popup in the bottom right when visiting their website from a desktop computer).


If you need web hosting on a server in the USA then I would strongly suggest to consider a Hostwinds plan. They get good scores from me for having lots of payment options, USA based support team, long money back guarantees and the best uptime guarantees. They also allow adult content to be hosted with them on all of their plans.

I would have liked to see SSD storage as in included feature at no extra cost. The possibility to scale up or down your plan (except disk space, that can't be scaled down) like in the cloud is neat. With a huge selection of 10 different VPS plans you are sure to find a plan that suits your needs.

Visit Hostwinds

Price (1 year): $99.99/mo ($1199.9)

Renewal: $119.99/mo

Type: Dedicated Server

Location: USA

Features: cPanel, Data Mirroring, FREE Domain, USA Based Support

CPU: 4 Cores


Storage: 500 GB

Bandwidth: 5 TB

Visit Bluehost More info

Optional Extras: Bluehost SEO Tools Start, Domain Whois Privacy, RAID-1, SiteLock Monitoring, SSL Certificate.

Payment: Credit Card, PayPal

Guarantees: 100% Network Uptime, 30 Day Money Back

1 year pre payed billing cycle required to get the price of $99.99/mo. 2 years: $89.99/mo. 3 years: $79.99/mo. If you select month-to-month billing the price will go up to $149.99/mo.

Every dedicated server from Bluehost comes with a free domain name. You get access to 24/7 live support which specializes in dedicated server support and works closely by the engineers that are maintaining the servers. The servers does not come with RAID-1 as a default only as a supported feature. It is not easy to compare the dedicated servers from Bluehost with most other hosts because they do not share what models their CPU is and at what frequencies the cores are running at.

Domain Whois Privacy is $0.99/mo with this server and lets you hide your personal name and contact information from your domain information that will be posted on lots of sites on the internet. If you need whois privacy it would be a little cheaper to register your domain name though another registrar instead of using the free domain provided by Bluehost. With other registrars, you can domains for less than $10/year and FREE whois privacy.

Search Engine Jumpstart is a bundle with SEO resources and tips and costs $2.99/mo. You can get a lot of SEO tips for free, check out our guide and lists with resources here. The SiteLock Monitoring scans daily for lots of bad stuff like malware. It costs $1.99/mo.

Customer guarantees

It is great that Bluehost does not charge a setup fee for their dedicated servers, and also that they offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

Visit Bluehost

Price (1 year): $105.69/mo ($1268.3)

Price (6 months): $115.99/mo ($695.9)

Price (monthly): $136.59/mo

Renewal: $189.99/mo

Type: Dedicated Server

Location: USA

Features: 1 Gbps, 24/7 Live Tech Support, DDoS Protection, SSD Storage, SSL Certificate

OS: Linux

Management: Managed

Control Panel: cPanel

CPU: 4 Cores @ 3.1 GHz

RAM: 4 GB or 8 GB (Now included!) or 16 GB (+$5.00/mo) or 32 GB (+$17.00/mo)

Storage: 500 GB SSD or 1 TB HDD or 1 TB SSD (+$26.00/mo) or 2 TB SSD (+$96.00/mo) or 2 TB HDD (+$12.00)

Additional storage: 500 GB - 2 TB SSD (+$31.00/mo - $127.00/mo) or 1 TB - 6 TB HDD (+$16/mo - $37.00/mo)

Backup storage: 1 TB HDD - 6 TB HDD (+$16/mo - $37.00/mo)

Bandwidth: 6 TB

Optional Extras: Hardware Firewall, Remote KVM.

Payment: Check, Credit Card, PayPal

Guarantees: 30 Day Money Back, 99.999% Network Uptime


For the Essential, Advanced and Elite dedicated servers by InMotion, you’ll get an initial period discount on your order, so the longer your billing cycle is the more you save.

The price for hardware upgrades also depends on your billing cycle.

Hardware configuration

Choose between lots of different RAM and storage configurations.

Included features

The 3 cheaper dedicated servers have a double RAM promo at the time of writing this which includes 4, 8 or 16 GB extra RAM.

I am not sure how long this promo will last.

These 3 servers also have 2 hours of included managed time, so you can’t have too many requests without having to pay extra for the support you receive.

I think 2 hours should be more than enough for most people and businesses though.

1-on-1 sysadmin time is included for every dedicated server and

Expensive domains & privacy

When purchasing your server you will get the option to buy a domain name with whois privacy. It says on their website that they include a free domain with all three of their VPS offers with a billing cycle of 6 or 12 months.

At the moment they charge $12.99/year for the domain privacy. This is useful as it will help you receive less spam by having your personal information hidden. You can get this for free with another registrar though, negating the benefit of the free domain offered by this web host.

Data center location

The Advanced and Elite dedicated servers have the choice of data center feature, and you can select to host in Washington DC or in Los Angeles.

Both data centers are located very close to the IXP in those areas for great ping.

Not for porn or gambling sites

InMotion Hosting has, like many other web hosts, restrictions again hosting adult content like porn.

In addition, InMotion does not allow gambling websites either.

Visit InMotion Hosting

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Price (1 year): $108.00/mo ($1296)

Type: Cloud Hosting

Location: Asia or EU or UK or USA

Features: 24/7 Live Tech Support, Daily Backups, Dedicated IP, Managed, Nginx Web Server, Resource Scaling, SSD Storage, SSL Certificate, SuperCacher

CPU: 3 Cores


Storage: 60 GB

Bandwidth: 5 TB

Payment: Credit Card

Hosting discount

You need to select between 6 and 12-month initial billing cycles to get the price we have listed here which is 10% off the regular monthly price.

Customize your server

An amazing feature of the SiteGround cloud plans is that you can scale the server resources individually. You can select how many CPU cores, how much memory, and how much SSD storage you need.

So if you have a need for more RAM than CPU, for instance, you don’t need to pay for more than what you need as per your customization.

You can scale your server on the billing page. Click on Edit next to where you can select your plan, below where you select your billing period.


All of the cloud web hosting plans by SiteGround comes with fast SSD storage and an Apache + Nginx configuration for high performance & CentOS.

Data center location

You can also select between 5 different data centers all offering the same plans with the same features and the same prices.

EU support team

The SiteGround support team is located in Bulgaria in the EU.

Visit SiteGround

Price (3 years): $80.00/mo ($2880)

Price (1 year): $110.00/mo ($1320)

Price (monthly): $120.00/mo

Type: VPS Hosting

Location: USA

Features: 1-Click Installer, 24/7 Tech Support, Nginx Web Server, OPcache, Resource Scaling, SFTP, SSD Storage, SSH, SSL Certificate

OS: Linux

Management: Managed

Control Panel: Custom Built


Storage: 240 GB

Bandwidth: Unlimited

Visit DreamHost More info

Optional Extras: MySQL VPS.

Payment: Credit Card

Guarantees: 100% Network Uptime

DreamHost allows easy scaling of resources with their VPS to upgrade your amount of server resources. That could make starting out with a cheap plan the best option for sites without a lot of traffic already. All VPS plans have 100% SSD storage. One of the reasons why they can offer these plans at such low prices is the fact that they do not offer cPanel, instead, they have created their own control panel. cPanel does cost about $13 per month, so it is a great way to save money for the cheapest web hosting plans.

Other features

Their team handles updating and installation of security patches, OS updates, and even WordPress versions.

The 1-click-installer lets you install things like WordPress with 1 click. Always nice to save some time 🙂

The optional MySQL starts at $15/mo. It gives your database its own virtual private server. They suggest going for this if you need to send large amounts of data between your apps and MySQL. You can scale the RAM of this server from 300 MB to 4000 MB.

Web server

Choose between Apache or Nginx.

They do not currently offer support for the Litespeed web server and cannot install it for you either. As their VPS plans do not offer root access you would need to go with another VPS plan from another host or go with the dedicated servers by DreamHost that do offer root access.


A great choice for low-cost VPS hosting. However, the lack of cPanel and no money-back guarantee lowers the score for these plans a little.

You might also want to compare the DreamHost VPS plans with the slightly more scalable and better value plans from Cludways & Digital Ocean here.

Visit DreamHost

Price (1 year): $111.54/mo ($1338.5)

Renewal: $111.54/mo

Type: VPS Hosting

Location: Asia or EU or USA

Features: cPanel, FREE Domain, Managed, SSD Storage, USA Based Support

CPU: 6 Cores

RAM: 12 GB

Storage: 200 GB

Bandwidth: 10 TB

Optional Extras: Domain Whois Privacy, SiteLock Monitoring.

Payment: Credit Card, PayPal

Guarantees: 30 Day Money Back

Every VPS plan comes with a free .com domain name and is currently on sale for 50% off the first month. You need to pay in advance for 1 year of hosting to get the listed price. Slightly more expensive with monthly billing.

Whois privacy is $9.99/year. SiteLock Basic is $19.95/year and can help you stay clear of malicious files and malware. SpamExperts Inbound/Outbound Email Filter is $9.95 /mo, BitNinja Server Security is $19.95/mo, and CloudLinux OS is $14.95/mo.


The TMDHosting VPS plans have lots of benefits. They have servers in most price ranges which is nice. Other pros like global data centers, live support based in the USA, fast SSD disks and decent prices are reasons that our scores for the TMDHosting VPS plans are really high.

Visit TMDHosting

Price (1 year): $111.99/mo ($1343.9)

Renewal: $139.99/mo

Type: Dedicated Server

Location: USA

Features: cPanel, FREE Domain

CPU: 2 Cores


Storage: 500 GB

Bandwidth: 5 TB

Visit iPage More info

Optional Extras: Domain Whois Privacy.

Payment: Credit Card, PayPal

Guarantees: 30 Day Money Back

You need to pre pay for 12 months to get the price of $111.99/mo for your initial period. After the first year the plan will renew at $139.99/mo. With monthly billing this server is $149.99/mo.

I am glad to see that they have a strong 30 day money back guarantee even for their dedicated servers. It does not apply to the included domain. Domain Whois Privacy is $9.99/year.

Visit iPage

Price (1 year): $112.05/mo ($1344.6)

Renewal: $123.88/mo

Type: Dedicated Server

Location: USA

Features: 100 Mbps, cPanel, Managed, Root Access, SSD Storage

CPU: 4 Cores @ 3.4 GHz


Storage: 240 GB

Bandwidth: 10 TB

Visit Namecheap More info

Optional Extras: 1 Gbps, cPanel, SSD Storage, WHMCS.

Payment: Credit Card, PayPal

Guarantees: 7 Day Money Back

To get the listed price you need to pre pay for 1 year of hosting. You could also select monthly or quarterly billing but that would increase the price a bit.

This server includes a free .website domain for 1 year and free domain whois privacy for as long as you use the Namecheap registrar service for the domain. Choose between a 240 GB SSD or a 500 GB HDD included in the price. The listed price here includes basic server management which includes customer support and restore server failure. It does not include complete management which costs $600/year, but that is only available as an option if you go for 2x or more hard drives. If you don’t go with basic server management you can save $240 off the yearly bill and still get access to customer support. You can compare the details for the different management levels at the Namecheap website, on their dedicated servers page.

You can deselect cPanel to save $300 off the yearly bill.

You can increase the monthly bandwidth limit to 20 TB or 30 TB for a fee. You can also increase the server RAM to 16 GB for an extra $144/year. The port speed can be increased from 100 Mbps to 1 Gbps for a fee.

The data center is located in the USA in Phoenix, Arizona.

The 7 day money back guarantee is for first time purchases only and are not including add-ons and licenses.

Visit Namecheap

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