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Price: $44.9 first year ($3.74/mo)

Renewal price: $59.9/year ($4.99/mo)

Type of server: Shared

Location: USA

Features: cPanel, Unmetered Bandwidth, USA Based Support

Optional extras: Show Daily Backups, Website Monitoring.

Max websites: 1

Payment options: Bitcoin, Credit Card, Cryptocurrency, PayPal, Skrill

Guarantees: 60 Day Money Back, 99.999% Uptime

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Pay for 1 year of web hosting in advance to get the discounted price of $3.74/mo. If you pay for 2 or 3 years in advance you will get greater discounts and prices of $3.56/mo or $3.37/mo. If you rather want to pay month-to-month it will cost you $6.74 for the first month then $8.99/mo.

Maximize your discount

The shared hosting plans by Hostwinds are currently on sale by 25% - 63% for your first order, so choose long length billing cycles to increase your discount and maximize your savings!

Plan features

All Hostwinds plans with cPanel have auto SSL which give all your websites https very easily and for FREE. Website Monitoring can help your site stay online if your website run into issues when you are not online to respond by automatically creating a support ticket if your site goes offline. It costs $1.75/mo. Daily Backups costs $3/mo. A domain is not included with this hosting plan but you can register one at their website. A .com costs $11.99/year with Hostwinds which is decent.

Data center location

Choose between Seattle and Dallas in the USA to be your server's location.

24/7 USA based support team

I have mostly had great interactions with the Hostwinds technical support team. For technical support requests you need to submit a ticket. They have been amazing to me and always helped out fixing anything I've asked them. Sometimes they have been slow to answer me though and I've had to ask them twice on one occasion where the low tier support simply did not know the answer but luckily a higher tier specialist got my server issue fixed. They do have 24/7 live chat sales support on their website (popup in the bottom right when visiting their website from a desktop computer).


If you need web hosting on a server in the USA then I would strongly suggest to consider a Hostwinds plan. They get good scores from me for having lots of payment options, USA based support team, long money back guarantees and the best uptime guarantees. They also allow adult content to be hosted with them on all of their plans.

The 3 cheapest shared web hosting plans by Hostwinds don't have SSD storage which is a drawback. The only difference between the 3 plans is the max amount of websites you can host. However if you pay a little more you can go for their shared business web hosting plans. Then you will get 2 nice benefits for loading speed and server efficiency and those are the Litespeed web server and also SSD storage.

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Similarly priced options

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Price: $35.9 first year ($2.99/mo)

Renewal price: $119.9/year ($9.99/mo)

Type of server: Shared

Location: USA

Features: FREE Domain, SSL Certificate, Unlimited Websites, Website Builder

Optional extras: Show Daily Backups, Domain Whois Privacy, Expert WP Support, SiteLock Monitoring, SSL Certificate, Website Builder.

Payment options: Credit Card, PayPal

Guarantees: 30 Day Money Back

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Billing choices

Currently you can select between 1, 2, and 3 years of hosting. You can’t start with a monthly plan. The amount of discounts you get for choosing longer periods of hosting is received in 3 ways. Firstly the average monthly price will be lower. Second, you can wait longer until they start the monthly billing, which happens after your initial period. And third, the monthly cost after your initial period will be lower if you select 2 or 3 years of hosting. They don’t try to hide their prices in any ways which is good. The price and renewal price is easy to spot on their billing page.

Cheap plan with lots of features

What is most impressive about this cheap hosting plan is that you can actually use it to host unlimited websites. Most other hosts restricts their cheapest plan to allow for a maximum of 1 hosted website and domain. Note though that you will be limited due to the amount of resources you get access to.

With the shared web hosting plan from iPage you will get all the basics + some sweet extras, like a FREE domain. Whois privacy for the domain is expensive though, currently $9.99/year for the first year, and then renewing at $12.99/year. If you need whois privacy, it would actually be cheaper to use one of the top domain registrars and benefit from free whois privacy.

Optional extra features

WordPress optimization includes free themes, plugins, malware detection and removal as well as expert WP support. G Suite from Google will give you professional tools like professional email, online storage, shared calendars and video conferencing and cost $5/mo. An essential extra that I would recommend to get is the daily backups. Website security is another feature that can be really useful.

iPage data center location and support

Servers are located in Boston, MA, USA.

This host offers 24/7 live chat support for billing and sales questions, and can also help with technical questions and will post a ticket on your behalf, when required, to the server technicians that are available 24/7. Their support is outsourced to India and I did try them out. I would say that they were only mediocre. They were taking a bit long to answer questions and not answering all the questions. I guess having outsourced support is one of the ways you can get really cheap hosting, so it's all OK. Having 24/7 live support is a petty nice feature to have even when it is outsourced.


If you want to get a discount hosting provider – and most of your visitors will come from the USA, or at least North America, then iPage very well might be the best option. Even though this is a really cheap plan it has lots of available extra features and live support. Notice that there is a non refundable fee for the free domain name if you cancel your account during the 30 money back guaranteed days. You will keep ownership of the domain name in that case which is good.

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Price: $39 first year ($3.25/mo)

Renewal price: $47.9/year ($3.99/mo)

Type of server: Shared

Location: Asia, EU, USA

Features: Website Builder

Optional extras: Show SSL Certificate.

Space: 10 GB

Bandwidth: 100 GB

Max websites: 1

Payment options: Bitcoin, Credit Card, Cryptocurrency, PayPal

Guarantees: 30 Day Money Back, 99.9% Uptime

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Pre pay for 1 year to get the listed discounted price. You can get even more discounts if you select 2, 3 or 4 year billing cycles.

Cheap but limited hosting

The cheapest plan at Hostinger is truly cheap. But it is severely limited. You can host max 1 website, 1 MySQL database, and max set up 1 e-mail address, as well as having low storage and bandwidth limits.

Hostinger features

SSL certificates for a one time fee of $9.99 each. One is included with the Business plan. You can also add FREE Let's Encrypt SSL. But that is a little bit of a complicated procedure, however they do have a guide for it at the Hostinger site. Daily backups is included with the Business plan and available for $1.29/mo for the other shared plans. This host accepts Bitcoin and several other cryptocurrencies.

Data center location

After purchasing a shared web hosting plan with Hostinger you can select if you want to use the data center in USA, EU, or in Asia.


Several data center around the globe is a plus, and so is the included website builder app and the wide range of accepted payment options.

Limitations of hosting max 1 website would be a drawback for many. The discounts for choosing up to 4 years of hosting are great but makes no sense if you think you might outgrow the server in that time.

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Price: $47.4 first year ($3.95/mo)

Renewal price: $143.4/year ($11.95/mo)

Type of server: Shared

Location: Asia, EU, UK, USA

Features: cPanel, Daily Backups, HTTP/2, Nginx Web Server, SSD Storage, SSH, SSL Certificate, Unmetered Traffic, Website Builder

Optional extras: Show Domain Whois Privacy, SG Site Scanner.

Space: 10 GB

Max websites: 1

Payment options: Credit Card

Guarantees: 30 Day Money Back, 99.9% Uptime

Inital period discounted

The first billing cycle are on sale at 50% off and that is the price that we have listed here. Pre pay for up to 3 years to lock in that price for a long time. If you want to be billed monthly there is a set up fee for this hosting plan and you will only get the discount for the first month. Prices are excluding tax.

Fast web servers but expensive domains

All the shared web hosting plans by SiteGround comes with fast SSD storage, free SSL from Free Let's Encrypt and HTTP/2 enabled servers. As well as free Daily Backups and Unmetered Bandwidth. Registering a .com domain will currently cost you $15.95/year and Whois Privacy is $12/year. Check out our Domain Guide for cheaper domains and whois privacy. SG Site Scanner is a monitoring service that checks your website daily and notifies you if your website has been hacked or injected with malicious code so you can fix it ASAP, it costs $19.80/year.

Data center location

Select between 5 different data centers all with the same plan features and the same prices. The locations you can choose from are Chicago, Amsterdam, Singapore, London, Milano.

SiteGround informs that this plan is suitable for one website with up to ~10.000 monthly visits (~333 daily).

EU support team

The SiteGround support team is located in Bulgaria in the EU.


Siteground has some of the best speed tech for delivering lighting fast website hosting on shared servers. However, their plans renew at a pretty expensive prices after your inital period (about twice the price) and this lowers the score for these plans. Also, expensive domain names and whois privacy is a slight downside that is easily avoidable though by using another domain registrar.

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