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Website BuilderIf you are just starting out and want to quickly create a very simple website for free you can benefit from one of these plans that includes a website builder app. Many hosts charge extra for their website builders, but the below plans all include it as part of the offers.


Price: $119.9 first year ($9.99/mo)

Renewal price: $143.9/year ($11.99/mo)

Type of server: Shared

Location: Asia, EU, USA

Features: BitNinja Smart Security, FREE Domain, SFTP, SpamAssassin Protection, SSD Storage, Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited Websites, Website Builder

Optional extras: ShowSSL Certificate.

Payment options: Bitcoin, Credit Card, Cryptocurrency, PayPal

Guarantees: 30 Day Money Back, 99.9% Uptime

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Pre pay for 1 year to get the listed discounted price, and a FREE domain name. You can get even more discounts if you select 2, 3 or 4 year billing cycles.

Hostinger features

SSL certificates for a one time fee of $9.99 each. One is included with the Business plan. You can also add FREE Let's Encrypt SSL. But that is a little bit of a complicated procedure, however they do have a guide for it at the Hostinger site. Daily backups is included with the Business plan and available for $1.29/mo for the other shared plans. This host accepts Bitcoin and several other cryptocurrencies.

Data center location

After purchasing a shared web hosting plan with Hostinger you can select if you want to use the data center in USA, EU, or in Asia.


I don’t know if the extra cost is worth it over the very similar, but cheaper Hostinger Premium plan. To most people that is. If you however know that you need more resources for hosting lots of sites and be able to receive lots of traffic, it probably is the better choice. The cost is about double that of the Premium plan but you also do get double the resources, making the value proposition the same, if you need those extra resources. Another few benefits for this plan is that you get priority support and the important daily backups is included. These things adds to the total value you get and rewards this plan with higher ratings that the other Hostinger shared hosting plans.

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Price: $143.4 first year ($11.95/mo)

Renewal price: $143.4/year ($11.95/mo)

Type of server: Shared Cloud

Location: Asia, EU, UK, USA

Features: cPanel, Daily Backups, FREE Domain, FREE Domain Transfer, Memcached, Softaculous, SSD Storage, SSH, SSL Certificate, Two-Factor Authentication, Varnish Cache, WAF, Website Builder, Website Migration, WP-CLI

Optional extras: ShowDomain Whois Privacy, SEO Audit.

CPU: 6 Cores


Space: 35 GB

Payment options: Credit Card, PayPal

Guarantees: 45 Day Money Back

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Top web host w/ many benefits

A great web hosting company with lots of amazing features that most other cheap web hosting companies can not match at the moment. You need to pay for 1 year of hosting to get the listed price. It is cheaper if you select 2 or 3 years.

Included features

FastComet will renew your domain name for free for as long as you are their customer. If you already have registered a domain name, fear not, they will also let you transfer an existing domain name to them and renew it for you. Daily backups is also included whis is great and saves a bit off the monthly bill.

You also get 1 free website migration for this hosting plan which is a service other hosts can charge up to $100 for.

Extra features

Whois privacy is $2.95/year which is way less than most other web hosts.

FREE trial hosting

This host has the best free trial web hosting offer I have come across so far. You can try this host for two weeks without even giving away your credit card details.

Easy upgrade or downgrade

If your website grows out of this web hosting plan you can easily upgrade to a more powerful one. That goes even if you have a long time left of your pre payed billing cycle. Yor bill for the upgrade would deduct the period left of your current billing cycle. You can upgrade to a more powerful shared plan or a VPS plan or even a dedicated server offered by FastComet. The support team will perform the entire upgrade or downgrade for you and there will be minimal downtime if any.

The price is there to stay

One of the best things about the shared web hosting plans by FastComet is that the price is not just a cheap introductory and limited time discount, in contrast with most other hosts. The price is actually the same cheap price that the hosting will renew at also, as long as you select to renew for the same duration. Of course though, like all companies, they might need to increase their prices once in a while due to inflation, etc.

24/7 live chat support

The live chat support can assist with most usual tech questions. For the most complicated questions and request you will need to post a ticket.

Data center locations

You can select between 8 different server locations! That is great, because having your web server as close to most of your visitors as possible provides good website loading time benefits.

This plan is estimated to be suitable for one website with about 100.000 monthly visitors or less.

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Price: $143.4 first year ($11.95/mo)

Renewal price: $419.4/year ($34.95/mo)

Type of server: Shared

Location: Asia, EU, UK, USA

Features: cPanel, Daily Backups, Git, HTTP/2, Nginx Web Server, PCI Compliant, SSD Storage, SSH, SSL Certificate, Staging Site, SuperCacher, Unlimited Websites, Unmetered Traffic, Website Builder

Optional extras: ShowDomain Whois Privacy, SG Site Scanner.

Space: 30 GB

Bandwidth: Unmetered

Payment options: Credit Card

Guarantees: 30 Day Money Back, 99.9% Uptime

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Inital period discounted

The first billing cycle are on sale at 50% off and that is the price that we have listed here. Pre pay for up to 3 years to lock in that price for a long time. If you want to be billed monthly there is a set up fee for this hosting plan and you will only get the discount for the first month. Prices are excluding tax.

Fast web servers but expensive domains

All the shared web hosting plans by SiteGround comes with fast SSD storage, free SSL from Free Let's Encrypt and HTTP/2 enabled servers. As well as free Daily Backups and Unmetered Bandwidth. Registering a .com domain will currently cost you $15.95/year and Whois Privacy is $12/year. Check out our Domain Guide for cheaper domains and whois privacy. SG Site Scanner is a monitoring service that checks your website daily and notifies you if your website has been hacked or injected with malicious code so you can fix it ASAP, it costs $19.80/year.

Data center location

Select between 5 different data centers all with the same plan features and the same prices. The locations you can choose from are Chicago, Amsterdam, Singapore, London, Milano.

High traffic websites

SiteGround informs that this plan is suitable for one website with up to ~100.000 monthly visits (~3.333 daily). This plan also has priority tech support, fewer accounts on each server and more resources for each customer, as well as PCI compliant servers.

EU support team

The SiteGround support team is located in Bulgaria in the EU.


Siteground has some of the best speed tech for delivering lighting fast website hosting on shared servers. However, their plans renew at a pretty expensive prices after your inital period (about twice the price) and this lowers the score for these plans. Also, expensive domain names and whois privacy is a slight downside that is easily avoidable though by using another domain registrar.

The GoGeek plan is only about twice the price of their GrowBig plan but is suitable for websites with an estimate of up to 4 times the traffic, making this a high value plan for the right websites. This plan also comes with the useful web developer and webmaster features like Git and staging sites for WordPress and Joomla.

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