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Published: December 4, 2020

Bandwidth refers to the amount of data that is transferred from your web server. Monthly bandwidth is a cap that is placed by hosting providers based on the pricing plan you have chosen. This refers to any transfers whatsoever that occur on your website, whether they are uploads or downloads. It is worth noting that the amount of data that will be transferred from a single web page will likely be the sum of the size of all files on that page.

For each time that this page is fully loaded by a unique user, this means that all of that data will be transferred from the web server to the client (the user’s browser). If the user visits multiple pages on your site, each one of those will need to be added to the total. If you get a large number of users during a month, to calculate the bandwidth used, you would need to sum up all of the data loaded for each user, and multiply it by the data on the number of pages.

All things being equal, larger files will generate a larger amount of bandwidth; if you provide multimedia content, each stream of that content will count toward the total. Similarly, if you use many large images on your site, the bandwidth will be taken up by each time these images load.

If the amount of bandwidth exhausted during a month for a site, this will typically accrue an additional charge from the web host. What they charge will vary between providers.

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