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Published: December 7, 2020

cPanel is a popular interface designed to simplify the management of servers and websites. It features a wide range of tools designed to make it easier to handle just about any of the tasks that are required for managing a website. cPanel runs in a Linux environment and allows users to do everything from publishing a website, create email accounts, manage all web files and resources, ranging from FTP to database management, handle domain management, and more.

cPanel is divided into two categories: the main section (typically just referred to as cPanel), which is the familiar interface that most users have become accustomed to, and the Web Host Manager (WHM), which is the interface for managing the servers. This latter part of cPanel is typically invisible to most end-users; it is used by hosting companies to manage their resources.

While cPanel is not free for web hosting companies, it is almost always offered as part of the package that most providers offer. Its standard interface and system for organizing files and information related to web hosting have made it a standard that users have come to expect.

While it is commonly available through most hosts, not every single one carries it, so it makes sense to compare various different hosts that provide it.

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