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Published: December 7, 2020

When you host your website online, it is always associated with an IP address. The IP address is a numerical address that identifies where your site lives on the internet. When you use a domain name, such as this is actually an alias to make it easier for people to remember and type out your address. For example, the actual address of is This is the physical location of this website. In fact, the IP address will work even if there were no domain associated with it; it is the fixed location of a site.

Shared IP Address

On many web hosts, they will allow you to share a server and an IP address with other websites. While this is typically cheaper, it is not recommended as it makes the site inaccessible without a domain being registered.

Dedicated IP Address

If you set up an account with a dedicated IP address, this means that your site and only your site will be accessible through this location. You can get a website up and running if you have not yet decided on a domain name; it can be accessed directly through the browser at this address.

Also, having a dedicated IP address will enable you to have FTP access to your account if your DNS is not registered or functioning (such as, for example, the period while your domain name is propagating throughout the internet).

For any legitimate business site, you should have a dedicated IP address.

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