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Published: December 5, 2020

Some web hosts will advertise that they allow unlimited domains. What this means is that one can register many website domains or names and have them “parked” or hosted at the site.  Typically, all will redirect to the same website, which is whichever site one has designated as the “default domain”

For instance, if you register a site called, and also register,, and, for most hosts, these will all redirect to the same site. If you have chosen as your default domain name, if someone types, for instance,, this will redirect back to

You can set up different websites for each domain name, however, in most instances. If you wish to have each of these domains go to a different website, these will typically need to be paid for individually.  (Caveat:  in some cases, providers will offer unlimited sites, however typically this is not truly “unlimited” – you will end up sharing bandwidth with each site, and you may see performance issues appear for all domains. )

To reiterate, a “domain” refers to the name of your site. If a host offers “unlimited” domains, this means you may have many different names for the same website, but typically not an unlimited number of websites.

It is worth noting that this only refers to the hosting of domain names. To obtain multiple domains, you will need to purchase each one of them individually.

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