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Published: December 7, 2020

There are a few ways that one can upload a website.


One of them is through cPanel, which provides a simple interface for selecting and uploading individual files. This will include any HTML pages, images, or multimedia you want to add to your website. Using cPanel, you can easily browse for a file on your computer and upload it much like you would any file on the internet.


FTP, which stands for File Transfer Protocol, or SFTP, which is Secure File Transfer Protocol, is a system for moving files directly from your computer to a web host. To use this, the easiest way is to download one of many free tools for managing FTP, such as WinSCP or FileZilla. These tools provide a simple interface with two windows, where one can drag files from your computer directly into specified folders on your web host. (Note, these are typically in a folder called public_html or something similar)


Databases are slightly different. If you are running a database on your site, and you have a local version of the database in a popular format, such as MySQL, you can simply create a SQL dump file, which is a text file representation of your database, and then import it into the online database, through a tool such as phpMyAdmin (typically available through cPanel) or any other tool. You can also do this manually using a command-line SQL command.

The command-line syntax for getting a SQL dump file in MySQL is:

mysqldump --databases db1 db2 db3 > dump.sql

The syntax for loading a SQL dump file is:

mysql -u username -p database_name < dump.sql
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