Repeating background with server racks Repeating background with connected dots Download We’re happy to share more free web hosting related graphics. These are a couple of repeating backgrounds suitable for web hosting related blogs and websites. Totally free.

License info

Free for personal and commercial use with attribution. Include visible link to, preferably on the same page where used, alternatively on another page or in the code.

If you want to share these icons for download on another website, you are free to do so, as long as you inform about the license and that attribution is required. Also link back to on all pages where the icons can be downloaded.

If you have made changes to the icons before sharing them please inform about that at the same web page that you share them. If you have made changes to the icons and make them part of a greater design like a web design theme website design this you do not need to inform about changes.

The icons can be freely used on website designs and web design themes available for resale or free redistribution. Then, however, attribution is required either with a visible link back to, alternatively with a notice in an attached readable file or in the code.

FREE web hosting icons

You might also want to check out our other freebies. A smooth style icon pack and a flat design icon pack. Both of which are free for personal and commercial use. We even shared the .ai Illustrator file for the flat icon pack for easy customization of the icons.

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This page was last edited: February 12, 2019
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