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SSH icon – Browser window with input symbol and a key

FREE Domain

FREE Domain icon – A .com domain as a gift

FREE Domain Whois Privacy

FREE Domain Whois Privacy – .com domain whois privacy as a gift

SSD Hosting

SSD Hosting icon – SSD hard drive

Site Cloning

Site Cloning icon – Multiple browse windows and a pointer cursor

Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting icon – Multiple computer screens and one server

Shared Cloud Hosting

Shared Cloud Hosting icon – Multiple computer screens below a cloud


SFTP icon – Secure FTP browser window with a lock

Server Resource Scaling

Server Resource Scaling icon – A server and a a paper plane scaled to a rocket

Managed Hosting

Managed Hosting icon – A person with five connected dots


HTTP/2 icon – HTTP/2 browser window


Git icon – Git illustration

FREE Trial

FREE Trial icon – Pointer cursor clicking on free trial

Expert WP Support

Expert WP Support icon – Support headset with microphone and a WordPress icon

Dedicated Server

Dedicated Server icon – A server with a connection

Dedicated IP

Dedicated IP icon – IP address connected to network

Daily Backups

Daily Backups icon – A backup icon with a timer


cPanel icon – A computer screen with gears and cPanel icon

Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting icon – A web server in a cloud


CDN icon – Connected dots / servers around the globe

Adult Content Website

Adult Content Website icon – A web browser with XXX

WP Hosting

WP Hosting – A server and a WordPress icon


WP-Cli icon – A screen with input and a WordPress icon

Website Builder

Website Builder icon – A crane working on building a website in a browser


VPS icon – A server with multiple connections

USA Based Support

USA Based Support icon – Support person and a USA flag

Unlimited Websites

Unlimited Websites icon – A browser window with a website and an unlimited symbol

Staging Website

Staging Website icon – Website and gears browser windows

SSL Certificate

SSL Certificate icon – A screen with a SSL and a lock

Download – WHCompare Blue & Green Web Hosting – 29 Free PNG & SVG icon / graphics

We wanted to illustrate many of the most popular web hosting features and the different types of hosting plans with awesome graphics. And also, to share them for free with other webmasters, bloggers, and graphic designers that might need similar designs.

License info

Free for personal and commercial use with attribution. Include visible link to, preferably on the same page where used, alternatively on another page or in the code.

If you want to share these icons for download on another website, you are free to do so, as long as you inform about the license and that attribution is required. Also link back to on all pages where the icons can be downloaded.

If you have made changes to the icons before sharing them please inform about that at the same web page that you share them. If you have made changes to the icons and make them part of a greater design like a web design theme / template or a custom website design this you do not need to inform about changes, but please attribute visibly on a web page, or in the code or in an attached text file.

The icons can be freely used on website designs and web design themes available for resale or free redistribution. Then, however, attribution is required either with a visible link back to, alternatively with a notice in an attached readable file or in the code.

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