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The Best WordPress Web Hosts in 2021

WordPress is the most popular solution to use for creating a website. Many hosts specialize in hosting WordPress. You'll find my best tips for which hosts to consider below.

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Cloudways Review

My pick as the best WordPress web host

Cloudways Reviewer

Aleksander Blomquist

Review Date

August the 5th, 2021

Overall Score


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I've been a Cloudways customer since July, 2021 until present and I am hosting over 5 different websites on 2 different Vultr High Performance servers with Cloudways at the time of writing this review.- Aleksander, the reviewer


Cloudways is a web hosting company that utilizes the servers of some of the most popular cloud hosting companies like DigitalOcean, Vultr, AWS, and Google Cloud and makes it accessible for anyone.

Cloudways cloud server partners

Hosting directly with either of these cloud hosting companies requires a lot of technical knowledge of servers. If you on the other hand uses Cloudways, you will be able to setup your server easily yourself. And, you will be able to utilize their free live chat support for assistance should a problem arise.

Overall Best Web Hosting Experience

After being a hosting customer at lots of web hosts since 2007, my current favorite is Cloudways. I believe this is the best option for a lot of use cases. I believe they are the best both because of the ease of use and the flexibility their solution offers.

Ease of Use

After being hosted with cPanel/WHM hosting companies for years, I find it really refreshing to use the much more simpler server management interface offered by Cloudways. It gets the job done and is quick and easy to learn the basics of.

It just feels so much more accessible for a non-techie for me. And at the same time it just looks like the more modern and better solution overall.

Powerful Servers

One of the things I love with Cloudways, compared with other WordPress cloud hosting companies like Kinsta, is that they don't put artificial limits on your server.

You'll get access to the full resources of your cloud server and can get as many visitors as the server can handle with your selected amount of resources.

Cloudways server scaling

Easy Server Scaling

If you ever outgrow your server, you can smiply go to 'Vertical Scaling' under 'Server Management' and increase the resources on your cloud sever.

Other Neat Things

Other things that makes Cloudways hosting a pleasure to use, is that you can clone your websites, install WordPress, create SFTP users, create SSL certificates, force HTTPS redirects, enable/disable cache, and more with just a few clicks.

Migrating to Cloudways

Another cool feature of Cloudways is their migration plugin for WordPress. Its lets you move your WordPress website onto one of your Cloudways servers with just a few clicks of a button and no headaches.

Entry-level servers

Affordable Prices

The prices you have to pay to be hostied in the cloud with Cloudways start at just $10/mo for the cheapest option. This is for the 1 core, 1GB RAM DigitalOcean server. That would a sufficient starting point for people that are just dabbling in the space and need a reasonably priced server with limited resources to get started.

One of the really enticing things about Cloudways is their transparent pricing scheme. Other hosts like Bluehost wants you to pre-pay for up to 3 years to lock you in to their servers. After the initial period many web hosts also jack up the prices, gambling that you won't put in the effort to change to another hosting company.

Cloudways, on the other hand, shows you the monthly price up-front and don't require you to lock into their servers to get the best price at all.

Free Trial

There is also a free trial option I would suggest you to use to see if you like Cloudways or not. The free trial works for several of the entry-level server options with up to 4GB of RAM.

You donæt have to give them your credit cards details to qualify for the free trial. You'll be up and running within minutes.


I really think that this web host is the optimal choice for most people looking for a good, easy to use, and powerful hosting solution. I think it is equally suitable for individuals just starting out and small business looking for a reliable solution to host its websites.

You can't really go wrong with trying out Cloudways for at least the free trial period.

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Flywheel Review

Good cPanel host for WordPress

Flywheel Reviewer

Aleksander Blomquist

Review Date

August the 9th, 2021

Overall Score


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I've been a Flywheel customer since August, 2021 until present and I've tested hosting a website with this host before writing this review.- Aleksander, the reviewer


Flywheel is up there as one of the most popular web hosts in the world, side-by-side with the likes of Siteground. At least according to how many visits their website gets. I am excited to test out their hosting.

Flywheel hosting plans

Web Hosting Plans

You can host with this web host starting at $13/mo.

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Liquid Web / Nexcess Review

Good cPanel host for WordPress

Liquid Web Reviewer

Aleksander Blomquist

Review Date

August the 5th, 2021

Overall Score


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I've been a Liquid Web customer since March, 2019 until present and I am hosting over 10 different websites on 2 different VPS servers with Liquid Web at the time of writing this review.- Aleksander, the reviewer


Liquid Web is an awesome web host. They have a great live chat suport team that have impressed me with their hands-on approach to fix any issues I've had over the years of being their customer.

Range of Products

Liquid Web offers a wide range of different web hosting products.
  • Managed WordPress - Starting at $19/mo
  • Managed WooCommerce - Starting at $19/mo
  • VPS Hosting - Starting at $15/mo
  • Dedicated Server - Starting at $169/mo
  • Cloud Dedicated - Starting at $149/mo
  • Cloud Servers - Starting at $265/mo
  • VMware Private Cloud - Starting at $510/mo

Control Panels

You can use the popular cPanel or Plesk control panels with most of these hosting products. They also offer the slightly cheaper Interworx in most cases. cPanel has been raising their pricies lately, so that is a good option to have.

The Managed WordPress and Managed WooCommerce options uses a 'SaaS-Like Simple Control Panel'.

Easy Scaling

All of the hosting products by Liquid Web offers scaling for when you outgrow your server. Some offers an easy 1-click scaling solution.

WordPress Hosting

Like most web hosts that offers a WordPress hosting product, there are set limits for how many websites you can host. The cheapest plan, 'Spark' costs $9.5/mo for the first 6 months and then doubles in price. With this plan you can host maximum 1 website. The next step up would be the 'Maker' plan. This one costs $39.5/mo for the first six months and lets you host up to 5 websites.

These prices does not include taxes. These are added on the billing page.

WordPress Server Locations

If you opt for the Managed WordPress hosting solution you can choose between 5 server locations. 2 in the US, 2 in Europe, and 1 in Australia.

The Nexcess Brand

After purchasing the Managed WordPress hosting plan I was redirected to Nexcess. This is another brand under Liquid Web that seems to be the brand that handles all the WordPress hosting customers. It was a bit confusing to me that they are mixing brands like this.

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