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Menu Filters is mostly a comparison website for comparing features, prices, and resources for web hosting plans quickly and easily. There is a jungle out there with so many hosts, each with so many plans, that it can be confusing and hard to find the best and most suitable ones for each website owner’s specific requirements.

Advertising disclosure

This is a commercial website and we’ve got affiliate marketing partnerships with most of the listed and reviewed web hosting companies featured on this website. This means that we will earn a commission if our visitors use the links on this website to visit the web hosts before buying web hosting plans.

This does not affect the price you pay for the hosting. It is simply a marketing cost for web hosting companies.

The web hosting plan reviews

We mainly base our reviews for each plan off the information (prices, features, data centers, support, and more) that is available on the official host’s websites and the information we get by asking questions to their support. However, we do want to add information about our experience as a customer to each host in the future.

For now, though, the reviews and scores are mostly based on publicly available information. We do include all the most important information about each web hosting plan that we find on the official web hosting websites. In addition, we do also often contact the support teams for additional information.

All of the scores for the web hosting plans are based on the information that we share on this website. You yourself or your business may have a different opinion on how important each feature, price, etc are for each plan. Therefore a plan that we have scored 70% might be worth a 95% score to you, or vice versa.

Top-rated plans

The best web hosting plans (based on the features/price and our opinion) rated between 90% and 95% will display a prize icon. Plans with a score of 95% to 100% display a prize icon with a star. This is to reward the highest-rated plans with something that sets them apart. Please do not confuse this with actual rewards!

You can check out the top 20 best-rated plans at any given time here.

Our reviewers and writers

Lars A. Blomquist started working as a web designer in 2008 and that was also the same year as he first became a web hosting customer. That was with the popular company SiteGround. Since then he has created many different websites hosted with many different web hosts.

He has been a Hostgator customer with several different plans for years, before moving on to Hostwinds, and after that upgrading to host with Liquid Web and Cloudways instead.