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Web Hosting FAQ

Here we will try to give great answers to many of the most commonly asked web hosting related questions online.

How to connect your domain to your web host

To ensure that users are able to visit your site via the web address or domain that you have registered, this domain needs to be connected to your web host. In most cases, this is fairly straightforward. Most web hosts make use of cPanel, which is a standard piece of software that allows simply filling […]

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What is cPanel web hosting?

cPanel is a popular interface designed to simplify the management of servers and websites. It features a wide range of tools designed to make it easier to handle just about any of the tasks that are required for managing a website. cPanel runs in a Linux environment and allows users to do everything from publishing […]

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What is a dedicated IP address in web hosting?

When you host your website online, it is always associated with an IP address. The IP address is a numerical address that identifies where your site lives on the internet. When you use a domain name, such as this is actually an alias to make it easier for people to remember and type out […]

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How to upload a website on a web host

There are a few ways that one can upload a website. cPanel One of them is through cPanel, which provides a simple interface for selecting and uploading individual files. This will include any HTML pages, images, or multimedia you want to add to your website. Using cPanel, you can easily browse for a file on […]

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What is root access in web hosting?

If you require full administrative privileges to a Linux web server, you will need to get root access. What this means is that you will have full control to perform any task on a dedicated server, cloud server, or on your VPS hosting service. It includes access to the top level or “root” directory, represented […]

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How do I change web hosting providers?

Sometimes we find it necessary to migrate from one web host to another. This may be due to pricing, speed, features, or any other reason. However, sometimes people are reluctant to make the change because of fear of the complexity of the migration process. There are several things that need to be considered when transferring […]

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What are unlimited domains in web hosting?

Some web hosts will advertise that they allow unlimited domains. What this means is that one can register many website domains or names and have them “parked” or hosted at the site.  Typically, all will redirect to the same website, which is whichever site one has designated as the “default domain” For instance, if you […]

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What is the difference between Linux and Windows web hosting?

Linux and Windows are two different operating systems for a computer.  Much like you have an operating system running on your desktop computer, laptop, or mobile device, web servers run operating systems. The two main types of servers are Linux, which is open source, and (often) free, and Windows which is a closed source operating […]

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What is monthly bandwidth in web hosting?

Bandwidth refers to the amount of data that is transferred from your web server. Monthly bandwidth is a cap that is placed by hosting providers based on the pricing plan you have chosen. This refers to any transfers whatsoever that occur on your website, whether they are uploads or downloads. It is worth noting that […]

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